Vintage tube amps. Vintage solid state amps. Boutique amps.

Fender. Ampeg. Acoustic. Marshall. Vox. Randall. Silvertone. Blackstar. Egnater. Gallien-Krueger. Vox. Sano. And many others.

Not really the best guy to fix the "computer" amps — but I'll be happy to talk to you about anything.

Tell me!

Pedals and FX

Classic pedals and stompboxes. Tape units.

I'm here to help

Fusion Reactors

Nobody's ever asked me to fix one of these, but there's a first time for everything.

Sure, why not?


I fix amps. I fix pedals and effects. Pretty well, usually. If I can't fix it right, I won't charge you. It's more important that it works right and you're happy.

There is more useful information on the FAQ page.



It comes to this

So, in order for me to do anything for you, your amp, your effects boxes you really need to contact me. Without that, your stuff will never work again. Either that, or you'll have somebody else fix it, which is also okay with me.