Our Approach


Hey, bring your amp to me and it'll probably get fixed pretty well.

Our Story


Been fixing stuff for a long time. Sometimes it's easy, sometimes it isn't. Usually it's pretty fun which is why I keep doing it.


Yeah, that's the thing. There's no "team" unless you want to include yourself and your amp. Otherwise it's just gonna be Bob fixing yer stuff.


Bob Kennedy

Guy who fixes stuff

Old fart who repairs amps and other stuff and is usually right about it

Picasso, in all his glory



You. To be fair, you might know what you want.

Even Mesa-Boogie amps can blow tubes

Your Stuff


Getting it working right is the only goal

Do this next.

Here's where you have to decide if you want me to look at your stuff or not. If the answer is "yes" click the button on the right, or call me, or text me!