Vintage tube amps.

Vintage solid-state amps.

Modern boutique amps.

Someday, maybe I'll provide a product list so you can really get the idea

Pedals / FX

Stomp boxes go bad. And if they cost you a lot or are dear to your heart or vital to your sound you can't live without them.

I'm here to fix 'em

Other stuff

Spinny things like Leslie amps.

Scratchy stuff like tape echos.


Audio devices in general.

Don't let this happen to you

An unreliable amp

is your worst nightmare on a gig. Don't let this happen to you.

Tubes, or more

Sometimes all you need is one new tube. Sometimes you'll need more than that, or something else entirely.

It all starts with a text

...or an email, or a phone call. Let me help get your amp, pedal, or special device back into reliable working order.