There are many questions I'm asked repeatedly. Some of them I can answer, and a few of them I can actually put here without offending anyone. (Maybe.)


    • No Exceptions!
    • This means you must text, email, or call me and get a confirmed time for your visit
    • If you show up unannounced, I'm not going to see you. Sorry
    • I keep large gaps in my time seeing customers so that I can concentrate and fix your stuff without distraction
  • You cannot enter the house or work area
    • Sorry, you can't see my workspace, nor can you come inside the house
  • Yes, it's a private residence in San Jose's Naglee Park neighborhood
    • If you see a small "Bob Kennedy Amp Repair" sign in the window on the porch, you're in the right place

What’s your price?

I will bill at $100 per hour of actual work time plus parts at cost. "Actual work time" usually doesn't include the time I spent just thinking about your device's problems, unless you start causing trouble.

Can I get an estimate or assessment?

Yes. If you bring in your device, I can analyze it for a $50 "bench fee" and then talk to you about what I think the repair will cost. The $50 will be included in the final repair cost.

Do you have a "minimum fee" or "bench charge"

Yes, $50.

As mentioned above under "can I get an estimate or assessment?" I have a minimum charge of $50, which is included in the cost of repair should you decide to go forward with it. However, being a nice guy, I will usually waive that cost for items I can't fix.

My amp needs repair! What do I do?

  • CONTACT me first.
    • Use the Contact page OR
    • Send me a text OR
    • Send me an email OR
    • Call me if you must and leave a message
      • I just about never answer the phone
      • I'll try to text you as a response
  • Then, we'll talk about it
  • Then, bring it in
    • San Jose
    • San Francisco (I'll tell you where)

Do you take "walk ins?"

No! DO NOT bring me anything unless I first say it's okay. You might be disappointed otherwise!

How do I get equipment to you?

See above under "My amp needs repair!"

What's your turnaround time?

That, as they say, depends.

I might need to order parts. I might have a big queue of amps ahead of you. I might be on vacation. (Yes, it happens.) Your amp might be particularly tricky to my old eyes and brain. We might just get unlucky.

We'll talk about it while you're explaining the problem to me.

You should also know that as of "right now" (which is currently April 28, 2023) my backlog is large. I've been trying to cut it down, mostly by pushing out scheduled drop offs to bring it under control. Getting better, but still not great turnaround time.

I have a gig, can I get a rush repair?

Sometimes I can, sometimes I can't. We'll talk about it while you're explaining the problem to me.

Do you sell parts?

Not currently. Parts are only included as part of a repair. But I'm considering it.

My amp/thing didn't cost much, can I get a discount on repair?

Really? No. But, I will tell you ahead of time if I think it won't be cost effective for you to proceed with the repair.

What about returns, rework or refunds? Do you guarantee your work?

I want satisfied customers. If there's a problem, tell me and I'll work with you and your device to make it right.

Do you do warranty service for [name brand] device?

I don't do that. I've found that in general doing warranty service is lots of hassle with insufficient joy. So no, sorry. You'll have to take it elsewhere.

Don't I know you from somewhere?

I used to be bob @ but we closed that shop in SF. You can remember my work fondly by seeing all my old facebook posts: Upstairs Amps on Facebook

I have a different question!

Ask me here: Contact Bob

Or email:

Or text: 669.207.5500

Or call that same number, if you must.